Solar Water Heaters


Solar water heating is an efficient way of making use of a free resource, the sun. It assists with electricity cost reduction and is an Eco-friendly option. We have a range of solar water heaters to suit the needs and fit the budgets of all Kenyans. We have sizes ranging from 20ltrs up to 500,000ltrs.

We offer two types of solar systems:

Vacuum Heaters

This works through water that has been heated in the vacuum tubes and it rises into the tank by convection, while cooler water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes. This causes circulation throughout the system.

The storage tank is insulated so the water stays hot and can be used later in the day or even the following day. There is a provision for an electrical backup heater for periods when there is not sufficient sunlight

Heat Pipes

These work similarly to vacuum heaters, but in these, the boiling point of water is lowered through a decrease in air pressure within the heat tubes. The water becomes vapor and rapidly rises to the top of the pipe transferring the heat. Hence, can be used in pressurized systems.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work like an air condition, they absorb the ambient heat around them. We offer new generation state of the art hybrid heat pump water heating systems for the customers who want an energy efficient solution that serves them all year round whilst saving high electricity bills. These heat pumps are available in the range of 150ltrs to 500ltrs.

Now with these heat pumps, we offer pool and jacuzzi heating. Hot spas can be made available too. We can heat all and any sized pools, be it a small backyard pool or be it a large pool with our energy efficient heating systems that will cut 70% of your heating bills while ensuring your comfort stays all year round. For jacuzzis, we provide custom heating systems, it can be designed to fit your needs and unique jacuzzi styles.

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